General Overview

Wynca Sunshine was established in 2005 and by the year 2009, it became a subsidiary of our mother Company (Wynca Group).Over the past seven years Wynca sunshine under the leadership of Wynca group has achieved great development. Wynca Sunshine trades in different sectors namely Agric construction, Logistics, immigration and Sanitary in the future. Wynca Sunshine has become the root of Ghana’s Pesticide Industry and “GLYPHOSATE” has become our benchmark.

To fulfill our social responsibilities and enhance China’s cooperate image, we have introduce new varieties of pesticides accompanied with new technologies such as intensive training system, solution system and UAV (Drones) importation for Mass Spraying.

  1. In 2011 October, the company invested an amount of 6.5million US Dollars to site a glyphosate formulation plant on 42 acre of land obtained in Boankra (Ashanti Region). We also have an advanced hollow blow moulding machine equipment, injection moulding equipment and four automatic packaging production lines.Through the formation of our glyphosate plant, job opportunities have been created for over 200 Ghanaians. The Love and Enthusiasm of the Ghanaian Staff towards work has brought great development into the company. Currently, Wynca Sunshine West Africa (Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d’voire, Mali) is made up of 235 employees of which 30 of them are Chinese and the remaining 205 are Ghanaians.
  2. To build enterprise and product brand by maintaining product quality, due to the counterfeiting flooding Ghana’s Pesticide Market, we decided to carry the cross of eliminating fake glyphosate on the market alone through the solid and strong evidence to win the lawsuit.

In order to lead the Chinese enterprise in Ghana’s positive development, strategies combined with local characteristics, have been adopted with alternative ideas to obtain mutual understanding and enhance China-Ghana pesticide development for a common goal.

Committed to the healthy environment and development of Agriculture in West Africa and to promote scientific and efficient use of pesticides we have been praised and awarded on a different occasion by Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, PPRSD and CROPLIFE.

The company is also actively working with the local government departments to create a good relationship not only actively help the company's development but also established a good friendship, reflecting the Chinese enterprises in Ghana's  Economy.

Our Mission

committed to the constant search of innovation and strive to develop into a modern well-known company with international competitive and sustainable goal.
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Our Vision

To become the pioneer and leader of green chemistry in West Africa by producing quality products to improve Agriculture productivity.
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2010 - Certificate from MOFA for outstanding contributions to Agriculture.

2011 - SILVER SPONSOR, 27TH National Farmers Day celebration.

2014 – GOLDEN SPONSOR National Farmers Day celebration.

2015 – Outstanding award from MOFA for donations to support Farmers Day in Ghana.

2016 – Donated towards the National Farmers Day celebration.

2017 – Developed and promoted the Maize High Yield Solution System (using sunshine treated seeds and sunshine fertilizers) an initiative to support the Governments planting for food and jobs programme.

2018 – Build China-Ghana friendship Boankra middle school.